Founded in 1991 and located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Summit Distributing is a value added re-seller of audio, video, home automation and related products. Summit Distributing’s forte is in serving the custom creating installation specialist and general retail trade.

Summit Distributing provides state of the art products, leading edge knowledge and timely service to our authorized dealer family in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Wisconsin.

Summit Distributing is proud to represent superior products currently made available from some of the consumer electronics industry's best known brand names. All of the manufacturers we represent have long term dedication to the industry. These manufacturers have all earned a legacy of superior product performance. They offer products currently at the forefront of market need, have an eye on the future, and provide excellent customer service. As a result, they have become known and trusted values within our industry.

It is the purpose of our Web site to be a general information center. Specific product information, pricing and policies are provided to our dealers as part of establishing and maintaining their account with Summit Distributing.

If you are a consumer with an interest in any of the exciting products we represent, please utilize the Our Vendors page we’ve provided. These will take you directly to our manufacturer’s respective Web sites. At these sites you will find a wealth of information including their products features and benefits. These manufacturer’s web sites are also enabled for you to send them e-mail should you wish to make further inquiry, or request referral to your nearest authorized dealer.

Dealers and potential dealers please note that the posting of our manufacturer’s products on our Web site does not constitute an offer to sell on demand. Summit Distributing is subject to, and complies with the distribution philosophies, policies and practices established by the individual manufacturers we represent. Should you be located in our service area and have interest in a product line(s), we will be happy to review your eligibility for dealership.

The staff of Summit Distributing hope that you find our Web site informative, resourceful and most importantly useful.

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